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Brand Science Group


The Brand Science Group (BSG) is a new unit at IMRB International that primarily focuses on brand and communication research. Over the last few years IMRB Brand Science has been working towards the development of various tools that would help us get a better understanding of the brand and its communication in an Indian context. BSG believes that such tools are more sensitive in capturing the Ad’s in-market performance. The tools are able to measure the various emotions evoked by advertisements in India. This is something which most of the global tools have not been able to achieve and are hence not accurate in their predictions.

Brand Science Group has introduced 3 new models in the following areas:

  • Spotlight for Communication Evaluation
  • BrandsInMotion for Brand Health Measurement & Tracking /Communication Tracking/Post launch evaluation both discrete and continuous data capture
  • Brand Gene for Brand Equity Measurement

As a specialized unit of IMRB International, Brand Science Group has Pan India coverage with four full Research offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai. In a span of one year, BSG has built a strong client base from diverse sectors such as telecom, automobile, financial and retail apart from FMCG and consumer products.



BSG’s customized Solutions for clients is a seamless integration of the adhoc research experience from product / concept testing, usage and attitude, packaging studies and the brand and communication knowledge. All this together translates to IMRB BrandScience. BSG’s processes and designs emanate from a decade long experience of research in the above mentioned areas with the flexibility to adapt and adopt new technology.

Our tools in detail

BrandsInMotion (BiM)

BrandsInMotion (BiM) – Tracking@IMRB:

A brand and communication track that uses state-of-the-art technology right from field to client desktops combined with IMRB BrandScience’s strength and advantage in research design to provide clients with breakthrough tracking solution.

The BiM Edge

  • BiM is harmonized with other tools offered in IMRB
    1. Spotlight for advertising pre-testing
    2. BrandGene for Equity measurement
    3. Other methods e.g. Customer Satisfaction, Mystery Audits etc.
  • IMRB’s Indian roots as well as multilingual lineage, which has implications for
    1. Questionnaire design and scales
    2. Category Understanding and interpretation
  • Seamless integration of technology to derive greater efficiencies from the track data
    1. Speed and Flexibility in Data Capture and Data delivery by the use of Computer Aided Personal Interview (CAPI) methodology
    2. Provision to analyze data at the customer’s end using our Client end software- Quest (A one stop solution from IMRB Brand Science that reports on all your Brand and Advertising Tracking exercises)
  • Integration of findings with other data streams
    1. Market Pulse – IMRB’s Household Panel
    2. IMRB Retail – Customized In-Store visibility tracking
    3. GRPs from TAM

BrandGene – Equity@IMRB:

A Brand’s equity is the strength of the relationship between an individual’s attitude and behavior towards the brand. BrandGene makes an attempt to provide a fundamental understanding of the consumer’s relationship with the brand.

How will BrandGene can help clients?

  • Identifies the brand differentiator and helps build strategies to develop deeper relationships with your consumers
  • Helps clients assess the impact of your marketing initiatives on your brand’s equity
  • Isolates opportunities and threats to your brand not just in a competitive context but from the category as a whole
  • Determines the long term potential of a brand and its competitors

Spotlight – Communication Evaluation@IMRB:

Spotlight is IMRB’s solution for evaluating communication which is not just TV Ads. Spotlight includes print, outdoor, POP, radio and internet communication. Spotlight tests both rough and finished Ads – from story boards to on air communication.

Key Features

  • Seamless integration of quantitative and qualitative tools
    1. Qualitative is done after 50% of the quantitative interviews are done and tabulations are available so that the key concerns are known to the researcher. The Qualitative module then helps get a better understanding on these concerns and suggests changes, if neededd
  • Quick Turnaround time
  • Interview begins right after the exposure to the ad (The ad is fresh in the respondent’s mind)
  • Individualized exposure to Ad (No contamination from others)
  • Designed in India - shorter interviews to suit the Indian mindset
  • Measures and scales created to maximize sensitivity
  • Scales easily translated to major Indian languages



Sectors Clients
Automotive Hyundai, Indian Oil, Gulf Oil, Bosch, Apollo Tyres, TATA Battery, Fiat
Financial Services Edelweiss Capital Ltd.
Consumer Durables Canon
IT @ ITES eBay India Pvt. Ltd.
Personal Care Marico, Godrej Consumer, Wipro, ITC
Confectionaries Cadbury
Pharmaceuticals Sanofi Aventis
Fabric Care Marico
Snack Foods Frito Lay, ITC Foods
Media Hindustan Times, Amrit Bazaar Patrika
Insurance Max New York Life
Beverages Pernod Ricard

Contact Us

Mr. Vivek Gupta

Sr. Vice President and Unit Head

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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