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B2B and Industrial research


B2B and Industrial Research is about understanding the market for goods and services that are consumed by entities other than individuals. As a respondent, these entities are represented by personnel managing the organization and it is important to contact the right personnel as respondent for the research. It is crucial because the set of relevant customers itself is small and it is not always possible to substitute a respondent. The interviews have to be carried out by persons well versed and briefed about the topic. Even for designing the research instrument, substantial understanding of the product, application and user segments is required. Mostly UBIs (Unstructured Business Interviews) and SSIs (Semi-Structued Interviews) are used for research along with Triads (Three-sided discussions). To take care of different interview situations, specialist industrial and corporate interviewers are deployed. The reporting goes beyond providing straight inferences. Combining own knowledge with information gathered through the research, actionable recommendations are made. In fact we prefer to be a partner in your marketing efforts.

BIRD, the Business & Industrial Research Division carries out wide variety of B2B and Industrial studies in a numerous sectors. To know more click here.

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