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IMRB International Customised Quantitative Research


IMRB International's Customised Quantitative Research Division offers custom research solutions using quantitative methods to clients in India and abroad through its five offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Chennai.

Each of these regional offices services clients based in the respective region apart from clients based overseas.

The division provides actionable research solutions aimed at resolving specific client problems all through the product life cycle from product development to launching it in the market to making a success out of it.

IMRB international's large and multi-disciplinary pool of experienced quantitative market researchers works with clients cutting across a variety of sectors ranging from FMCGs like foods and beverages, personal care, home care, tobacco and alcohol to telecom, banking, finance, insurance, real estate, automotive, healthcare and agri-business.

Our Studies

Usage & Attitude Studies

When entering into a new market, a company needs to establish consumer knowledge, check the relevance of its new brand(s) to the market and define its brand's positioning. Or, with passage of time, or a significant change in the market (entry of new competitor) a company wishes to know “what's happening in the market place?” These are times when a Usage and Attitude (U&A) Study is called for.

Through an in-depth consumer understanding of needs, behaviours and perceptions, U&As help clients to optimize existing brand portfolios as well as identify new market opportunities, thus, forming the foundation stone of their marketing strategy.

Need Gaps Assessment

Many a time, there are opportunities available in the market but they are missed out because the needs of consumers are not always self‐evident. We carry out studies to assess consumer need gaps and dis-satisfiers (these could be stated / expressed or latent) which could become drivers for new product development.

New Product Development Research

Concept Testing: Prior to offering a product or service, it needs to be tested at a conceptual level with potential buyers or users. Quantitative research is used for this purpose where the product or service concept is exposed in the form of either only a broad idea or a very detailed out concept to respondents. Spontaneous as well as considered responses are collected and analysed to gauge the acceptance of the proposition. Concept testing helps our clients to take decisions on the attractiveness of a new idea before investing more money to further develop it.

Product Testing: Product testing also is carried out adopting various designs through home use as well as and central location tests to gauge consumer acceptance for the test product. Products are tested in isolation (less often) as well alongside competitive or own benchmarks (more often).

Pricing Studies

Price is, without doubt, a critical component of the marketing mix which is availed of as a lever for manipulation in many markets. Questions to be answered could be varied – ‘what should my brand be priced at?', ‘what will happen to my share if I increase / decrease price by XX%, or ‘the competition has hiked prices, can I gain volumes by keeping my price down?' Pricing studies are carried out using the simpler Van Westendorp price sensitivity model, Gabor Granger, extended Gabor Granger, BPTO techniques to employing advanced techniques of Choice-based Conjoint (CBC).

Market Potential Assessment

Whenever a new product introduction is thought of, it has to have a potential to sell among the target consumers. This potential is assessed through quantitative sample surveys. Potential market volumes are estimated for products based on concept only as well as concept plus product. Using IMRB International's Simulated Test Marketing (STM) Model, a complete brand offer – communication, product, price – can be assessed. Our model factors in marketing inputs such as advertising spends and distribution plans into the product adoption models to provide volume forecasts.

Market Segmentation

Market segmentation helps a brand to align its marketing mix in line with each potential segment in the market. Different types of segmentation such Need-based segmentation, Demographic segmentation, Psychographic segmentation, and Geographic segmentation are routinely undertaken for our clients. Multivariate analysis techniques like factor analysis, cluster analysis and discriminant analysis are used for segmentation

Campaign Impact Studies

Marketing initiatives (communication, new launches, activations, etc.) need to be assessed for their effectiveness. Campaign impacts are assessed through pre- and post-campaign sample surveys among target consumers.

Diagnostic Studies

At times markets do not behave as planned or expected, such situations require carrying out diagnostic studies to understand the reasons for the same.

Corporate Image Measurement

An organisation, from time to time, needs to assess the perception about itself as a brand among all its key stakeholders to obtain inputs on how to build or enhance its image. Corporate Image measurement is done quantitatively across all the stakeholders of a brand – internal (employees, business partners, shareholders) and external (customers, potential employees, media, local and central governments).

Contact Us

North: Soumya Mohanty

Vice President IMRB International

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South: Vivek Gupta

Sr. Vice President IMRB International

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West: Jasojit Mookerjea

Sr. Vice President IMRB International

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East: Samit Chakrabarti

Vice President IMRB International

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