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Brand research

Usage and Attitude Studies

Brands today are operating in an extremely dynamic market. As the marketplace changes, clients need to evaluate a brand's position compared to the competition. The best way to accomplish this is by periodically tracking the competitive advantage on the relevant brand health parameters and customer perceptions.

In order to break from the clutter, one needs to identify one or more characteristics that set a product or brand apart from competitors. This helps in establishing a strong position in the minds of customers.

Understanding the attitudes of consumers and their usage patterns is crucial to virtually every decision. Understanding why consumers choose one brand over another is vital to success in this ever-evolving marketplace. This level of understanding provides an extremely effective tool for identifying and targeting potential customers.

IMRB International designs usage and attitudes (U&A) studies that provide quintessential information to lay the foundation for successful strategic marketing. In addition to assessing U&A patterns for the category, IMRB studies often serve as useful benchmark tools, allowing clients to measure their performance across all the parameters important to the category, and target specific areas to track over time.

Name Tests

What's the most appropriate name for a product? What does a name connote to a consumer? Naming research answers these and other important questions.
Appropriate naming plays an important role in the consideration of products. Knowing what customers think of a specific name is the first step to successfully marketing a product or service.

IMRB International has been associated with the christening of a number of leading brands.

Segmentation and Profiling Studies

Segmentation and profiling is critical in targeting specific groups and understanding the purchase behavior of those consumers who represent the greatest sales opportunities. Key groups are identified, based on a number of different criteria including attitudes, psychographics, motivations and barriers, usage habits, loyalty, etc. Once the segments have been identified, analysis is conducted to provide insight into the purchase behavior and demographics of each group such as:

  • Differentiating category / brand attitudes by various buyer groups to enhance the purchase behavior information.
  • Providing key information needed to move light buyers to medium buyers and medium buyers to heavy buyers.
  • Providing the ability to understand multiple usage and how usage differs between buyer groups.

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