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IMRB KidScan

IMRB KidScan

KidScan is a syndicated study launched by IMRB International in 2009 as an attempt to understand the Indian kids’ world and their interaction with their environment. The study combines innovative approaches utilizing both face to face and self filling questionnaires. The quantitative research findings have been derived from a huge sample size of 5500 kids and equal number of parents, belonging to SEC A, B & C households, spread across 22 cities in the country including all metros and major large as well as small towns.

The study demonstrates how kids consume brands - with a special focus to food, beverages and related categories; and how media is consumed - with a special focus on television and emerging media. It also unearths the level of peer influence and its implications on the kids’ purchase & consumption, their ambitions, key drivers and barriers to choice, lifestyle, the amount of pester power they yield, parental pressure and much more.

An added highlight of the study is real time record of kids’ day to day activities & expenses. The study also analyzes the communication conundrum, suggesting best possible ways to break the clutter and get the brand message across.

The findings unearthed from the study are quite fascinating - while some were expected, many come as a surprise. Some interesting findings like – Good academic performance still considered the ‘coolest’ thing, wearing short clothes is not acceptable, social acceptance like fitting into a group is desirable, high level of peer influence in product / brand choice, high level of influence in purchase decision of household products, total apathy towards politics and politician, high level of concern for the environment etc. have emerged from the study.

This study is available to subscribers in user friendly software so that the subscribers can use this to its fullest potential.

With its ability to clearly demonstrate how kids act as brand consultants /active agents of change for not only categories that are targeted at them, but also for big ticket brands operating in categories like consumer electronics, automobiles, etc. IMRB KidScan is a marketers’ dream come true.

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