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Wallet Monitor

Wallet Monitor - The Urban Indian Household’s Wallet Audit

Wallet Monitor provides a complete database on spending habits of urban Indian households. It is designed to track the household’s spending priorities overtime and serves as a handy strategic marketing tool that enables the user to decode the consumption priorities

The study talks about

  • Spends across 125+ categories
  • Share of expenditure across different heads – Food, Personal Care, Household Items, Utilities, etc.
  • Spends v/s Savings v/s Investments
  • Consumer Sentiments – Economic Outlook and Confidence
  • Holistic understanding of the consumer – Demographic +Psychographic
  • Equipped with the above information, the study enables the marketers to address such interesting questions like
  • Where does the housewife cut corners in tough economic situations?
  • What categories in the purchase basket are non-negotiable despite rising prices?
  • Does the housewife save or does she invest when the economy is on a downswing?
  • Are housewives in the North different from the housewives in the West in their spending habits?

This study is available to subscribers in user friendly software so that the subscribers can use this to its fullest potential.

To know more

For further queries on the syndicated offering write to

Bruce Gonsalves

Vice President

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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