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IMRB MindTech Systems: Software development house


Mind Tech
MindTech Systems has been in software development to enhance Market Research services. MindTech Systems services are a value addition to existing MR services. Our solutions help clients to convert market research information into actions.

These solutions help to

  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Gives more insights
  • Increase client satisfaction

We are an enthusiastic team drawn from engineering, statistics & market research background. We do have good experience and adaptability with various development tools and databases. To name a few: C, C++, Delphi, VB, .Net technologies, SQL Server, MS Access, BI services.

We follow firm security and confidentiality procedures in all our operations, ensuring a high-level of ethics and values. We have a strong emphasis on quality and strict adherence to standards and processes.

Our expertise in

  • Web based / desktop application systems for
    • Continuous studies
    • Ad-hoc studies
  • Media planning systems
  • Insight modules
    • Product forecasting
    • Purchase behaviour
    • Shopping habits
  • Data Fusion (like single source data)

Products / Services

Survey Programming

  • CAPI
  • CAWI

Insight delivery systems

  • PulsePlus
  • Retail Trade Survey
  • Merit
  • Super Value Store

Media planning and evaluation tools

  • Media XPress (TV)
  • Radar XPress (Radio)
  • Web XPress (Internet)
  • Press Evaluation Model (Press)
  • Magic Box (Fusion of TV + Press + Purchase databases)

Data Fusion services

  • Fusion XPress (TV Audience measurement data + TGI data)
  • Pulse XPress (Household FMCG Purchase data + TV Audience measurement data)

Versatile analysis package

  • Quest with Database preparation services
  • On Line Analytical Processing (Web based)

Customised software development

  • Video Analytics
  • Client Zone
  • Retail Data Capture
  • Customer View Point
  • Price Simulator


Media XPress

User analysis system for continuous Television Audience Measurement data. Designed to aid the users in understanding the TV viewing behaviour.

Integrates 2 streams of data viz.:

  • TV Viewership data from the People Meter - TV Audience Measurement service
  • TV Programme and Advertising schedules - TV monitoring service

  • Built in media planning and evaluation modules
  • Other modules like programme performance, loyalty, brand spot listing, break performance etc.
  • Becoming a regional standard


  • Press Evaluation Model is designed to assist the advertisers, advertising agencies and publishers in their decision making on press schedules
  • To analyse and utilise the National Readership Survey database
  • A very user friendly way for quick analyse
  • Multiple Plans at a time
  • Modules like incremental reach, duplication across media, crosstab etc.


Designed to aid the users in understanding Radio listening behaviour

  • Time spent by place of listening
  • Target audience efficiency / Exclusive Audience / Turnover
  • Station Loyalty
  • Reach and Frequency


Designed to aid the users in understanding Internet usage behaviour

  • Analyze trends of internet usage
  • Grouping channels as per property and group property e.g. – Google, Yahoo etc
  • Categorization of websites like banking, sports etc
  • Filtration of channels based on Categories, Groups
  • Additional reporting at browser, page, session level
  • Reach and Frequency Module based on Pages and Impressions


It provides quick and actionable measurement to evaluate availability, distribution and visibility of brands and merchandise in outlets on a regular basis. It takes care of dynamic changes like Sales Area definitions, Center definition, Brand displays, Matching / compliance criteria etc.

It is a Seamless System

  • Automated Sampling of the outlets from the database
  • Data Capture / Validation
  • Reporting & Insight generation


Pulse Plus

Designed to aid users in tracking & understanding the Consumer Purchase Behaviour for FMCG products

  • The package integrates three streams of data to give better insight into purchase behaviour i.e.
    • Purchase data from the Household Panel
    • Price data from the Household Panel
    • New launches and Promotions data from the Retail Monitoring System
  • Database is updated every month with 1.5 million records from 75,000 households
  • Database handles up to 99 product categories for 100 markets
  • Analyse data up to 48 flexible period
  • Market, Product, Period, Demographics, Measures, Consumer Promotions, Purchase behaviour are considered as variables
  • Becoming a regional standard


A very flexible and easy to use package that allows users to Slice ‘n’ Dice the data without any of the syntax complexities

  • Simple clicks allow users to view the data from different angles
  • Other special analyses:
    • Endorsements
    • Normalised scores
    • Significance Testing
  • Used for a large number of projects in India, Middle East and North Africa
  • Inclusive of Database preparation services

Data Fusion

Data Fusion is a powerful technique that matches two or more databases at a respondent level to create a single source database. It is a cost effective method as it doesn’t require additional primary research and enhances existing dataset. This single source of actionable data gives the ability to link custom data with required statistical techniques and fetch information out of it.


Computer Aided Survey System is a comprehensive service focusing on converting the questionnaire into software with the pre-defined plan or dynamic flow based on responses with complex rotations and in multiple languages thereby making data collection effective and actionable.CAPI is used more often with the increasing client requirements, complex sequences and audio/video support measuring the AD awareness and several others especially for quick turnaround surveys.Our professionals understand your schedule and help you during stringent deadlines within budget.


  • Questionnaire creation
  • Conditional sequencing, skip logic
  • Rotation of attributes/ statements/ AD segments
  • Multilingual capability – 12 international and 9 regional
  • Media support by Audio Recording, Image/Video display
  • Option to Resume incomplete survey later
  • Back-checking of completed interview
  • Accurate Data with data-map as required by analysis
  • Conjoint surveys executed
  • Integration with in-house analysis software – Quest

CAPI enhances the quality of survey data in a number of ways:

  • Routing problems within the questionnaire are eliminated
  • Interviewers cannot miss questions or ask the wrong questions
  • Questions are 'customized' correctly
  • Mathematical calculations can be carried out within the program
  • Computer checks for inconsistent responses
  • Errors from separate data entry are eliminated
  • Easier : to train interviewer / for self completion study

Scope of CAPI/CAWI business:


CAPI, CAWI, CBC by sectors / type of research


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