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The India telecom market ranks among the fastest growing industries in the country. The improvement in the standard of living and the development of infrastructure and connectivity are some of the main reasons for the significant growth of the telecom industry. The growth is expected to be more over the next few years.

Presently, there are around 200 million telephone lines in India which make it the third largest phone network in the world after China and the US. Today, the telecom market in India enjoys a growth rate of around 45 % which is the highest in the whole world.

The eTech group at IMRB International has done active research in this field in past few years. This group has offered solutions based on market research to several operators, handset players, infrastructure providers, VAS entities and associations. IMRB has been successfully doing QoS audit and customer satisfaction survey for TRAI for past several years. According to experts IMRB is pioneer in terms of providing insights on Mobile VAS in India to the industry. IMRB is exclusive distributor & research partner in India of Yankee Group - Global Connectivity Experts.

IMRB International has been active in the area of telecommunications related markets for several years now. IMRB is the pioneer in terms of providing the industry with insights on Mobile VAS. The assignments carried out by IMRB include brand health checks for large telecom brands in the Indian subcontinent, extensive research in the area of pricing and evaluations to enhance advertising efficiency and effectiveness. IMRB has experience in conducting a variety of market research studies, namely:

  • Brand Health Tracks & Dipsticks
  • Product/Handset Tests
  • Concept Tests
  • Campaign Evaluations (Pre & Post)
  • Usage & Attitude Studies
  • Pricing Studies
  • Brand Name & Logo Tests
  • Corporate Image Studies
  • Diagnosing reasons for switchers

Our Studies

Some of the areas researched by us are:

  • Basic, cellular
  • Internet delivery through cellular networks
  • Mobile Advertising, Mobile banking
  • Televoting
  • Voice Portal
  • Voice VPN and Web 800 services

Some of the market researches done by us are:

  • Market potential & demand assessment (cellular phones, VPN, ASP and Video conferencing services, bandwidth, Voice Mail Services etc)
  • Usage and Attitude of customers
    1. Usage behavior of Mobile VAS among end consumers
    2. Study on heavy users of telephones
    3. Usage behavior of international callers
  • Trade channel research
    1. Dealership assessment for cellular phones
    2. Assessment of marketing costs in acquiring telecom subscribers in satellite towns
    3. Mapping reasons of PCO surrender

Brand Health Tracks & Dipsticks
IMRB International has done several brand health checks for large telecom brands in the Indian subcontinent. IMRB works with telecom clients better understand how their brands are performing in the market place vis-à-vis the competition. IMRB has helped telecom clients understand and track consumer behavior wrt to familiarity and disposition to the brand, brand consideration and brand advocacy.

IMRB currently manages a telecom track for a Pakistan telecom company and a dipstick study for Maldivian client.

Pricing Studies
IMRB International has done extensive research in the area of pricing for telecom clients. Techniques used have ranged from the Gabor Granger and the Price Sensitivity Meter to BPTO and Conjoint Analysis.

A recent study includes an assignment to assess consumer reactions to pricing of a handset in conjunction with various combinations of product attributes. In addition, IMRB has also used adaptive conjoint analysis to help a client arrive at a product with the right combination of features at the optimal price point.

Product/Handset Tests
In the last year, IMRB International conducted an extensive product test for a new entrant in the cellular services space. IMRB helped the client evaluate 26 mock handsets on the basis of their look and appearance.

Diagnosing reasons for switchers
IMRB International recently conducted a study to help one of India’s largest cellular service providers understand the reasons behind customers switching from one service provider to another. The client can now better focus on specific customer segments and enhance customer retention.

Our Clients

  • Airtel
  • Idea
  • Mobilink GSM
  • Obopay
  • Reliance Communications
  • Tata Indicom
  • Touch Maldives
  • Virgin Mobile
  • Vodafone

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