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IT Hardware & Software practice


The team also has expertise in conducting International research across APAC, Middle East, US, Europe, etc. The team has developed several syndicated products in the IT space.

ITOPS: ITOPS is a bi-annual study of the Indian IT hardware market. Launched in 1996, the study launched its 26th wave for the period of Oct 2009 to March 2010. The study covers more than 22,000 entities across household and businesses in the Top 22 cities of India and is the largest study in the IT domain in India. Apart from providing insights on the growth of the Indian IT hardware market, it also provides a detailed understanding of the customer segments and the drivers. The study also helps provide an assessment of the market potential in future and the segments that are expected to drive the growth.

ITOPS is also the only and the most reliable source of estimating the universe of business establishments in the key cities of India. The study also provides a stratification of the universe by business segments and by employee size thereby providing a robust understanding of the businesses and the manner in which they could be potentially tapped into.

CTOPS: CTOPS is a panel of IT decision makers in large organizations. The panel has about 200 odd IT Heads from businesses across banking, financial services, insurance, manufacturing, IT/ ITES, etc. the IT heads in the panel are a part of large businesses with more than 500 employees in the organization across India.

CTOPS offers the following opportunity to the clients:

  • It offers the clients with an opportunity to access the panel for its customized studies with the IT heads.
  • The clients could use it as a regular tracker where the clients could access the panel at regular frequency for its specific surveys.
  • There are regular research reports based on the syndicated studies that are conducted by the eTech Group on this panel. The clients could subscribe to these reports. These are periodic reports and are based on key technology topics that are top of mind for the IT industry. This includes topics like cloud computing, SaaS, etc.
  • The client could use the omnibus option for some of its topical queries. These could be included as a rider in the standard syndicated questions that eTech administers as a part of these panels.

The panel provides an extremely innovative and relatively easier access to the key IT decision makers who form the opinion on the manner in which IT needs to be adopted in the country. It offers relatively fast turnaround times and better response rates.

The interviews in the panel are conducted online or as CATI. A relationship team manages the relationship with the panel members.

Clients Advantage

Clients Advantage of using the Panel

Panel Based approach

  • Offer opportunity for longitudinal analysis
  • Advantages of time and costs
  • Allows to report on both the market and technology understanding

Vertical Market Landscape

  • Provide a detailed understanding of specific verticals
  • It helps to further develop / validate any vertical strategies employed by them

Qualitative comments to back the numbers
Mix of closed and open ended questions helps to provide:

  • Strong quantitative Numbers
  • Insights to the reasons for the responses of the IT heads

Case Studies

Case study on Market sizing/ Demand estimation studies

Case study on Market sizing / Demand estimation studies


To determine market potential for IPTV by understanding:

  • Triggers and barriers to usage of cable TV
  • The current content need gap
  • Acceptability of IPTV as a concept
  • Identifying the target segment for IPTV


  • Unstructured Business interview to understand Supply-side Perspective
  • Quantitative Interviews to understand Demand-side Perspective


  • A detailed report estimating the market size and demand for IPTV

Case study on Brand Research

Case study on Brand Research


  • To determine the brand stature among the target group and determine its standing in comparison to the internal perspective and competition brands.
  • To undertake diagnostic analysis into the reasons for the brand position.
  • To track the changes in the brand post completion of the activity to identify any measurable change in the brand stature and standing.


  • Qualitative Phase - In depth interviews with the senior level employee in the organization and involved in the decision making process for IT based solutions.
  • Quantitative Phase - Structured interviews were conducted through the web and would be augmented using telephonic calls.


Brand standing paradigm was used for determining brand position and related diagnostics. This enabled the client to assess its current brand position and drill down to specific concern areas for action standards.

Case Study On Concept Test Research

Concept Test Research


To determine the market feasibility for pre-configured ERP package customized for companies in the Auto ancillary & Pharmaceutical sector with a turnover of 50-100 crore.


The study conducted was mix of detail secondary research and primary research using semi structured questionnaire.


  • Reaction to the detailed concept solutions
  • Price willing to pay for the concept
  • Preference for the ERP solution
  • Preference for the implementation partner
  • IT related diagnostics

Some of the other studies that we do regularly

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