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Distribution and Retail Trade


India is amongst the fastest growing and the most attractive retail destinations in the world. IMRB’s WalletMonitor carried out a study mapping household expenditure by expenditure heads in Urban India. The study showed that while monthly household income grew at 10% CAGR, monthly household expenditure increased by 17% CAGR. It is this trend of growing income and even faster growth in consumer spending along with a large young population that makes India a strong long term bet for Indian and Global Retailers and Brands.

While the market is lucrative, the competitive and environmental challenges faced by Modern Retailers and Brand Marketers are several. IMRB Retail is a specialist consulting practice of IMRB International to help clients develop and measure their retail planning and activation programs. IMRB’s unique suite of products and services has been used by clients across a wide cross-section of sectors:

  • Retailers
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Brand Marketers
  • Hospitality – QSRs and Fine Dine
  • Entertainment – Multiplex, Amusement Centers
  • Travel and Tourism – Airports, Tourist Destinations, Petrol Stations etc

Our Studies

IMRB Retail specializes in doing the following kinds of researches:

Brand Marketer Retailers / Hospitality Travel / Tourism Real Estate Developers Entertainment
Shopper segmentation Prioritizing trade areas Mapping traffic patterns Forecasting residential and commercial needs Location Research – Traffic patterns in catchment and benchmarks for traffic to footfalls conversions
Store hot spots and cold spots Geo-coding of customer base Customer profiling Competitive benchmarking Customer profiling
Category complementarity / Adjacencies Catchment Area Research – Shopping needs, Merchandise preferences, Competitive environment Traffic and customer cegmentation Assessing site potential Competitive benchmarking
Decision hierarchy and in-store triggers Location Research – Traffic patterns in catchment and benchmarks for traffic to footfalls conversions Merchandising needs assessment Pricing research for real estate Identifying upsizing / cross-selling opportunities
Merchandise and Display testing Layout optimization – Hot spots & Cold spots; Category complementarity

Planogramming Planogramming

Retail Auditing Retail brand tracking

Distribution chain evaluation POS datamining & loyalty analytics

Compliance measurement Assessing private label opportunities

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