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Industry and Business


BIRD, the Business & Industrial Research Division of IMRB International, is the market research and consultancy division servicing B2B and industrial markets. With its repository of knowledge and understanding gained through studying diverse sectors for several years, BIRD provides market perspective for sound decision making. It is the only organization that provides consultancy based on its own market research. It operates from Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai. For catering to technology markets including IT hardware, software & services and Telecommunication, there is an exclusive eTechnology Group within BIRD.

  • At the macro level, BIRD offers services covering industry trends, regulatory environment, economic scenario, international trade and market overview.
  • At the micro level, BIRD offers services such as brand / product positioning, customer segmentation, channel perception, market sizing, pricing, distribution strategy, product development assistance etc.

Apart from syndicated studies such as ITOPS and ICUBE, BIRD offers research services to meet clients’ specific requirements. By virtue of its vast experience, it is able to design customized studies to meet whatever business decisions that are at stake. It helps clients all through the product life cycle from product development to launching it in the market to making a success out of it. While researching the buyers, users, influencers, installers, traders, marketers, importers, exporters and manufacturers of the product, BIRD keeps in perspective the global market situation. The researchers of BIRD are attuned to interpret vast amount of primary and secondary information to make actionable recommendations. They have formal marketing management education and undergo training in research techniques, analytics and marketing strategy. They are supported by a vast industry / sector knowledge base that is kept up-to-date.

BIRD services private sector, public sector, government departments and multilateral agencies. It has clients in all the five continents of the world.

Our Studies

Nature of studies done by bird

  1. Need Assessment
  2. Concept Testing
  3. Product Testing
  4. Potential Estimation
  5. Market Assessment
  6. Prognostic Studies
  7. Industry Overviews
  8. Trade Audit
  9. Marketing Effectiveness Audit
  10. Market Segmentation
  1. Business Opportunity Identification
  2. Business Planning
  3. Financial Feasibility
  4. Market Lead Generation
  5. Marketing Strategy Formulation
  6. Tactical Assistance
  7. Diagnostic Studies
  8. Corporate Image Measurement
  9. Buyer Behavior Studies
  10. Usage & Attitude Studies
  1. Pricing Studies
  2. Competitive Intelligence
  3. Market Feedback
  4. Campaign Impact Studies
  5. Macro Economic Studies
  6. Public Policy Studies
  7. Partner Identification
  8. Due Diligence
  9. Sourcing Strategy

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