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Media and Entertainment


The media and panel Group is a specialist group of IMRB comprising four sub-units.

  • Consumer Panel (Market Pulse)
  • The Retail Unit
  • The Media Unit
  • Mindtech Software and Systems

The Media Division

The Media Division is the only specialist media research group in the country, set up as early as 1990. It has more than 80 man years of media research experience. IMRB takes pride in being the pioneers of Media Industry Gold Standards viz. Television Audience Measurement (TAM), National Readership Survey (NRS), Target Group Index (TGI) and Radio Audience Measurement (RAM).

The IMRB Media unit conducts all types of research across media viz.

  • Print
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Outdoor
  • Cinema
  • New age media
  • Multimedia

Our Studies

Print Research

We have been involved with the NRS for close three decades (1977 to 2004). The types of researches that we conduct for the print media comprise

  • Environmental Scans to give an understanding on the current lay of land and define opportunities for the brand by giving clear directions on Content and Positioning
  • Post Launch Feedback studies to give immediate reactions to the new product in terms of content, positioning and response to promotional activities
  • Continuous Tracking Programme for editorial content to assess the changes in consumer expectations and tracking Brand Health vis-à-vis competition
  • Product Development studies to answer questions like what changes are desirable, what competitive need gaps need to be plugged and how to be distinctive in a clutter market
  • Navigational Studies to understand the consumption pattern of a publication - section wise and page wise and compute noticeability of advertisements
  • We have also done a lot of innovative research like:
    1. Media Multiplier - assessing the multiplier effect of advertising across media
    2. Print Passion - going beyond just readership and assessing the passion with which a consumer associates himself/herself with the publication

Television Research

IMRB’s media research team was an integral part of team that set up the industry approved television audience measurement system in India - TAM India (

The other types of researches where we specialize are:

  • Concept Development both in terms of creating TV software and pre-testing it.
  • Developing an ideal program mix for a channel and giving inputs to the scheduling teams on the client side.
  • Mapping audience viewing patterns by day parts in markets where the TAM service is not available.
  • Audience Profiling studies to help the sales teams of niche channels.
  • Channel evaluation to assess need gaps and suggest programming changes.
  • Brand studies to assess the equity of the channel amongst its viewer and to give strategic inputs to channel extensions / acquisitions.
  • Besides the above we have a lot of innovations in television research; Quality of Viewing being one of the most significant one

Radio Research

We have been doing radio listenership tracks for some foreign broadcasters for close to two decades now.

Ever since the FM boom in India, we have done some pioneering work in the field of radio research for private FM broadcasters viz.

  • Environment evaluation before the launch of a new station to get an understanding of the lay of the land, assessing music needs and profiling the potential listeners
  • LEP (Leisure, Entertainment & Pastime) research to understand the current entertainment habits of the potential listeners
  • Brand name research to test the brand name, the logo and the proposed packaging
  • Reach Measurement Studies to assess the reach of the medium  / station pre and post launch
  • AMTs (Auditorium Music Tests) to test the client’s song library and give inputs of which songs to play, when to play them and at what frequency during the daypart to play them
  • Post launch listenership tracks to evaluate need gaps and do audience profiling for the station
  • Coincidental Dipstick researches like In-car radio listenership, Youth/ Housewife tracks to assess the listenership of various audience segments at the time of listening
  • Consumer Segmentation basis psychographics, favorite radio station, type of music listened to, etc.

We are also involved with the only Radio Audience Measurement system in India – RAM which is currently operational in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore.

Outdoor Research

Have done some pioneering work in the outdoor research arena in terms of

  • Site selection studies for billboards
  • On-shop signage evaluation
  • Traffic counts
  • Monitoring of outdoor media
  • Transport media monitoring
  • Travel logs
  • In-store monitoring
  • Activation measurement

We have Reach and Frequency model for all types of outdoor media and also a model on checking the efficacy of outdoor activations.

Cinema Research

We have been associated with the Cinema medium for the last few years and done work on

  • Content testing – We have done a lot of work in this field right from developing a normative model to ascertain the aspects that determine the success/failure of a movie to testing movie concepts through picture storyboards with audio narratives in the background  to testing movie previews
  • Media Effectiveness Tracking – Understanding the effectiveness of various media spends on the awareness, liking, intention to watch across weeks post promotion and hence give inputs on a better/ optimal media mix during the marketing of the movie

Besides the above customized research solutions that we offer, we also have an array of syndicated offerings for the clients to buy off the shelf.

Our Clients

  • BBC World News Limited
  • BBC World Service India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd
  • Blackstone Advisors India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Cadbury India Limited
  • DB Corp Ltd.
  • Entertainment Network India Ltd.
  • Glaxo Smithkline Consumer Healthcare
  • GroupM
  • ITC Limited
  • Lintas Media Group ( Inter Public Group)
  • Madison Communications Pvt. Ltd
  • Malayala Manorama Co. Ltd.
  • MPG India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Multi Screen Media Private Limited
  • Ogaan Publications Pvt. Ltd.
  • Optimum Media Solutions
  • Pepsi Foods Private Limited
  • Radeus Advertising Private Limited
  • Rediff.Com India Limited
  • Star India Private Limited
  • T.V. Today Network Limited
  • TAM
  • The Mathrubhumi Printing & Publishing
  • The Week
  • Turner International India Private
  • UFO Moviez India Ltd.
  • Viacom 18 Media Pvt. Ltd.
  • VOA
  • Walt Disney Co. (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  • Warner Bros. Pictures (India) Pvt.

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