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Education and Training


“To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark.” Victor Hugo

The Sector in India

India is a young country with more than 50% of the population under 25 years. It has one of the largest education systems in the world consisting of 1.4 million schools, 26,000 higher educational institutions (post K12) and 440 Universities. Though every year 14-15 million students enroll for higher education, the Gross Enrollment Ratio is just about 11%. Considering this, Government has budgeted an investment of roughly `.850 billion for higher education in the XI five-year plan, which is about 9 times the X plan outlay. The private sector also has made equally large investments in the sector in the last one decade.

Some of the major driving elements of the sector now are:

  • Huge awareness among students and parents on the importance of quality of education
  • Shortage of seats in prestigious educational institutions
  • Greater need for qualified and ‘employable’ candidates in the industrial and corporate sectors
  • Opening up of education sector to private investments
  • International collaborations and student movement, particularly in the wake of the Foreign University bill
  • Need to employ new learning and teaching tools to improve the quality of pedagogy

Though the system is large and buoyant, there are inadequacies wherein it does not fully cover the educational aspirations and needs of the youth of India. For e.g., quality of teaching and learning falls short in many educational schemes; there are sectors of learning where seats are insufficient; the geographic distribution of institutions in the urban and interior markets are not uniform; enrollment levels need to go up and drop out levels need to reduce; new learning and teaching tools has to be introduced. In a way, these gaps present exciting opportunities and India needs much higher investments in the sector if these needs are to be ably covered. In this regard, both Government and Private players have well-defined roles and responsibilities. The Government schemes like Sarva Shikhsha Abhiyan (to achieve universal elementary education), ICT@Schools (improve computer aided education and ICT literacy), Mid Day Meal Programme (to enhance attendance) are bearing fruits. For higher education in India, the XI plan outlay is roughly Rs.850 billion, which is about 9 times over the X plan outlay. The private sector is very active in all areas of education in India.

What can IMRB do
IMRB has a dedicated professional team that can meet your needs in understanding the different stakeholder groups and market segments in this exciting sector. Having extensively researched sectors like K-12, Higher Education (Graduate / Post Graduate education / Doctoral), Retail & Corporate Training, Educational Materials, Online education & e-learning, CBTs etc. IMRB can work with you to help unravel the elements of business success in your stream of interest.

IMRB can support any information needs covering market opportunity assessment, feasibility studies, branding, new product or service concept acceptance, product / tool testing, segmentation, pricing assessment, satisfaction and improvement analysis or any other specific requirement.

IMRB has assisted organizations like AIMA, Aptech, British Council, Devry University, Education Consultants India Ltd (Ed.CIL), Educomp, First Computers, Harcourt, Hughes Networks, ICICI Ventures, Intel, Lasersoft, Macmillan, Microsoft, NIIT, Netherlands Overseas Education, Pearson Education, Pearson VUE, Red Hat, Scientific Learning Corp, SHL, Sungard, Tata Unisys, Texas Instruments, TIME, Times of India, UBS, University of Phoenix, Universitas.

Research Coverage in Education Domain

The Industry and Market

  • Education Infrastructure analysis
  • School / Collegiate Education
  • Institutional Positioning / Ranking
  • Talent Pool Evaluation

Higher Education

  • Technical / Engineering
  • Medical
  • Financial
  • Information Technology

Education Types

  • Formal
  • Non Formal
  • Vocational Education

Levels of Education & Training

  • K-12
  • Corporate Training
  • Higher education

Finishing skills and Professional Training

  • English
  • Soft skills
  • Competitive Examinations
  • Career Aspirations
  • Organizational Training
  • Teacher re-skilling
  • Technical training

Education Materials

  • Text Books, Guides, Workbooks
  • New Technology Tools
  • Learning and teaching devices
  • Classroom technologies

Delivery Modes

  • Direct
  • Distance
  • Tech based Delivery

Regulatory Issues

Entering and investing in India

Our Studies

Issue Type of Study
Understanding markets and sub-segments Industry overviews
For new products and services Concept test and acceptance
To understand the size/volumes Demand estimation studies
The impact and acceptance of price Pricing research
Monitor and know channels Channel and Trade research
Product / service delivery and expectations Customer satisfaction studies
Market impressions Corporate image analysis
Brand prominence and strength Brand equity studies
Knowing the customers to make realistic offers Segmentation studies

Besides the above, depending upon the client’s specific need, customized and hybrid research schemes can be devised and deployed.

Tools and Data Gathering

Quantitative Qualitative Secondary
Face -to-face Focus Groups Published – Pvt and Govt.
Telephonic Unstructured business interviews Internet
E-mail Unstructured depth interviews IMRB data bank
Web based Opinion Forums Subscribed
CAPI / CATI Product usage labs News and periodicals
Panels Mystery customer analysis

Stakeholder Coverage

  • General Public (students / parents)
  • Educational Delivery Units – Schools, Colleges, Universities
  • Training segment – teachers, professors, deans etc.
  • Educational Material Providers
  • Education Support Services - Infrastructure and Management, IT services etc.
  • Remote education channels / alt media
  • Regulatory Bodies – Ministerial, Collegiate Boards, Universities, Apex Bodies (NCERT / UGC / AICTE / AIU)

Our Clients

  • AIMA
  • Aptech
  • Barry Wehmiller
  • British Council
  • DeVry Inc.
  • Education Consultants India Ltd (Ed.CIL)
  • Educomp
  • Ernst & Young
  • First Computers
  • Harcourt
  • Hughes Networks
  • ICICI Ventures
  • Intel
  • Lasersoft
  • Macmillan
  • Microsoft
  • NIIT
  • Pearson VUE
  • SHL
  • Tata Unisys
  • Texas Instruments
  • Times of India
  • UBS
  • University of Phoenix
  • Universitas

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