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ICUBE™ 2019 Highlights

Digital adoption & usage trends. ICUBE™ is Asia’s largest authoritative resource for Digital marketing and Planning decisions



Using the principles of crowdfunding, IDEASTOCK quickly identifies the potential of disruptive ideas, accurately estimates the scale of opportunity and informs how to succeed.


Seeking Stability: Kantar IMRB 2019 Predictions

As India enters 2019, its citizens and corporations find themselves in a remarkably challenging situation. With national elections looming a few months from now, the voter / consumer has much to consider. The resultant instability, compounded by a fast-changing technology, financial and business landscape has created a deep sense of insecurity in Indian consumers. Their overriding response would be to seek stability.

It is driven by a need for anchors in a stormy world. These are anchors of identity, security, personal experience, location and physicality. Even as they explore and try the new, we find that they refer back these fundamental roots of human behaviour as their safety net.

At Kantar IMRB, we recognize that it is essential to achieve a balance of human insight and data-enabled decisions in both the business world and our personal worlds. In our predictions for the coming year, we explore the consumer truths and the marketplace response to that reality.


Choice Xpress

Pathbreaking DIY pricing solution, delivering results in 48 hours at half the costs. Using principles of choice modelling, it has a proven track record of high predictive accuracy, helping the marketer take the right pricing decisions quickly


The Rural Millennial Market: Kantar IMRB & Dialogue Factory

Over the last decade or so, Millennials (Defined as those currently in age-band between 15-35 years) have emerged as the fulcrum that now powers India's economy as consumers, producers and most importantly as trend-setters. Explore this interesting thought paper for more learnings on the Rural Millennials market and the opportunities it presents.


Wallet Monitor

Ever wondered how your category competes and fares against others with respect to your customer’s share of wallet? Let us monitor the wallet through Kantar IMRB’s Wallet Monitor – The Urban Indian Household’s Wallet Audit.


The Inscrutable Price

Price impact is about more than just price


TGI emrketpulse

First-of-it’s-kind 360° profiling of digital commerce shoppers. Understand Digital Commerce shopper holistically. Attitudes, Values, Media Touchpoints.


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Kantar IMRB is a leading market research and consumer consulting organization, servicing clients across 67 countries