Icrea8e is Kantar IMRB’s ideation and segmentation philosophy that helps co-create innovations for different consumer needs. It specializes in identifying and sizing white spaces and innovation potential.

Its core philosophy is derived from the belief that an individual has different needs and behaves differently depending on his/her context, situation, and life stage and may make not just brand but category choices as well. The category and brand are marketer-defined, while the consumer’s definitions are far more fluid and in a state of constant flux.

Keeping this in mind, icrea8e blends the best of implicit, non-conscious probing techniques in psychology and the analytical power of choice modelling, non-negative matrix factorization (NMF), singular value decomposition (SVD), and agent based simulations to:

  • Uncover latent need territories – both emotional and functional
  • Identify the white spaces, size them, and ideate for them
  • Chart their possible future trajectory and evolution
  • Recommend brand positioning and strategy
  • Generate segment identifiers that allow the marketer to identify and track them over a period of time (the icrea8e approach to seg-id generation won the MRSI award for innovation in 2014 and made to the finals of MRS UK annual awards in ‘Innovation in Research’ category in 2015.)

icrea8e juxtaposes direct responses with social media activities of the individual to present a holistic, integrated picture to the markete

Over the last seven years, icrea8e has enabled a range of global and domestic clients – from established market leaders to new category entrants to market disruptors – to understand consumer-need territories, draw their stories, and chalk out strategies for winning them.