With its unimpeachable reputation as a pioneer, Qualitative continues to shape the future of qualitative research.

Kantar IMRB Qualitative has always placed a strong emphasis on getting the best possible inputs and expertise, and this is evidenced by our formidable team of specialist Qualitative researchers, whose diverse fields of expertise (art, humanities, behavioral and physical sciences) as well as cultural backgrounds (international and local) have resulted in the foremost name in qualitative research, both in India and the world.

In addition, our integrated research approach draws from a variety of social sciences such as ethnography, psychology, and anthropology amongst others, with the result that Qualitative now possesses a comprehensive portfolio of tools that blend traditional methods with modern techniques from semiotics and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Coupled with our unparalleled expertise in communication, brand & product creation, as well as developmental and social issues, Qualitative is uniquely placed to offer an uncompromising, multidisciplinary exploration of consumer motivation and behaviour and provide high-quality insights into what guides it.

In early 2010, Qualitative launched Kantar IMRB Innovation Labs – an innovation consulting practice whose objective is to provide tangible, impactful, and disruptive business outcomes and innovation platforms for organizations. At the heart of its innovation philosophy is ‘Design Thinking’ – a unique problem-solving approach that combines the power of three critical skills – Empathy, Creativity, and Rationality – for business problem solving and strategy.

Qualitative’s most recent foray is called The Alternate Room – a place that provides a fresh, relevant, and sometimes, controversial perspective on brands, behavior, and trends.

Our aim is, as it has always been, to lead clients from insights to solutions.

Key Clients

Qualitative’s experience spans sectors, categories, companies and nations. Over the last 20 years, we have gained a loyal clientele, with 5 of our top 10 clients having been with Qualitative right from the beginning.

  • British American Tobacco
  • Unilever India
  • Glaxo SmithKline
  • TATA Group
  • Godrej Group
  • PepsiCo
  • ITC Group
  • Raymond Group
  • Mahindra & Mahindra