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FMCG Pulse, The Slowdown Special

COVID-19 is the fifth epidemic / pandemic in the 21st Century and is quickly on route to become the second deadliest after Swine flu. At the time of writing this, there are nearly 1.9 Lakh reported cases of the disease with over 7,000 succumbing to it. With 129 reported cases, India is not a hot bed for the disease like some of the Eastern or European countries, but awareness, panic and caution, all appear to be high in comparison to any other previous outbreak.

In India, the first case was reported on 30th January, a full month after the first case in China. It wasn’t until the first week of March that the COVID-19 infections rose to double digits and since then we have been keeping a close watch on FMCG, and in specific, categories that are likely to get affected. As March draws to a close, we will have one full month of behaviour to compare and will come up with our views on the effects of the COVID-19 on the Indian FMCG. Do get in touch with us if you want us to answer specific queries.