Kantar IMRB can support a variety of research and information needs in Education and Training sector

Issue Type of Study
Understanding markets and sub-segments Industry overviews
For new products and services Concept test and acceptance
To understand the size/volumes Demand estimation studies
The impact and acceptance of price Pricing research
Monitor and know channels Channel and Trade research
Product / service delivery and expectations Customer satisfaction studies
Market impressions Corporate image analysis
Brand prominence and strength Brand equity studies
Knowing the customers to make realistic offers Segmentation studies

Besides the above, depending upon the client’s specific need, customized and hybrid research schemes can be devised and deployed.

Stakeholder Coverage

  • General Public (students / parents)
  • Educational Delivery Units – Schools, Colleges, Universities
  • Training segment – teachers, professors, deans etc.
  • Educational Material Providers
  • Education Support Services - Infrastructure and Management, IT services etc.
  • Remote education channels / alt media
  • Regulatory Bodies – Ministerial, Collegiate Boards, Universities, Apex Bodies (NCERT / UGC / AICTE / AIU)