Our tools and solutions are applicable to both B2B and B2C scenarios/segments.

Channel (Trade) Loyalty & Satisfaction

  • The study helps identify what drives loyalty for these individual segments of stakeholders and helps assess their satisfaction level.
  • Helps organizations in enhancing their relationship with these segments of stakeholders, by identifying critical to quality areas of satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

Mystery Shopping

Provides an independent, unbiased and real time audit through a team of trained and unbiased auditors to evaluate service delivery in relation to predefined norms and identifies gaps if any. Types of audit include:

  • Customer Support touchpoints e.g. Call Centre , After Sales service
  • Physical Audits e.g. Sales experience at Retail stores
  • Price Audits
  • Online Audits e.g. in the ecommerce space to evaluate Delivery times and other services
  • Life Cycle Audits , where the auditor actually enrolls himself as a customer and transacts as a real customer through the entire lifecycle starting from Purchase t

Deployment Programmes

Stakeholder Management goes beyond just measuring stakeholder loyalty and assists organizations in the implementation of action programmes by facilitating workshops with line managers. These workshops help

  • Provide structure to the action plans by streamlining them into 4 critical and consistently recurring themes : • Processes • People • Infrastructure • Communication
  • Managers decode customer feedback, link them back to their internal processes, identify internal roadblocks in processes delivery, refine process norms and finally come up with a detailed, time bound implementation plan complete with accountabilities
  • Ensure that the right activities are taking place to drive corrective action.

Internal customer satisfaction / Inter departmental survey

This Programme helps identify barriers/ issues faced by departments when dealing with each other. The objective of this study is to provide organizations with information that can be measured correctly, used completely and managed efficiently to improve internal departmental experiences and help build internal synergies and align the organization in ultimately driving external customer satisfaction.

Employee Loyalty and Satisfaction

Our Employee Loyalty assessment tool - The Tao of Loyalty™ captures employee experiences and expectations and provides a clear roadmap for top management, human resources and the immediate supervisor to action in their respective roles. The Tao of Loyalty is designed to understand and diagnose the past, while being able to predict future attrition at the same time. The benefits of this tool are:

  • Helps assess level of satisfaction and loyalty amongst your employees
  • Determines aspects that have maximum impact on Employee Loyalty
  • Profiles the employees at risk of defection
  • Identifies your strength areas, which could be leveraged & areas that need to be fixed - Leadership, Processes & Policies, Communication…….to impact employees positively
  • Helps formulate initiatives / Action Plans

Reputation Assessment (RSA™)

Companies with strong reputations deliver higher than average profits and stock performance and have increased employee support, productivity, sales and customer loyalty. RSA™ looks at your company’s reputation from the perspective of the people and groups who matter the most to you: your stakeholders. It will help

  • Assess Reputation among Key Constituent Stakeholder Groups
  • Identify your strength areas, which could be leveraged & areas that need to be fixed - People, Processes, Communication…….to impact stakeholders positively
  • Identify Key Reputation Drivers
  • Compare to Peer Companies
  • Develop Action Plans for each Group