Case Study

Enterprise-related Studies

  • SMAC adoption: A quantitative study conducted with enterprise IT decision makers in order to understand their current attitude towards SMAC (Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud) and determine the factors that accelerate or retard the adoption of SMAC amongst such businesses.
  • Awareness and perception of IT service providers: A quantitative study conducted with IT heads, LOB heads and Business heads (MD, CEOs, Chairman, etc) of enterprise businesses that have at least 1000 employees in India. The interview is conducted in two phases and each of the phases involves a 60 minute-long interview with these key decision makers .
  • Media Habits: A mix of qualitative and quantitative studies conducted with key business decision makers (includes IT heads, LOB Heads and business Heads) in order to understand their media consumption behaviour.
  • Benchmark study: A quantitative study was conducted to ascertain the breakdown rates for computers across brands and models. The study output helped the client identify the industry benchmark and determine its performance via-a-vis competition.