Case Study

Studies for SMEs

  • Attitude towards technology: The study, conducted as a mix of qualitative and quantitative research, was focused on ascertaining the attitude and level of technology adoption possessed by SMEs. It also focused on understanding various areas of technology usage including cloud adoption, attitude towards piracy, device replacement, etc.
  • Retail POS study: The study was to determine the reaction to a mobile POS solution offered by a client.
  • Value proposition study: A qualitative study conducted in order to determine the kind of value proposition that businesses and their partners will have towards a particular value proposition proposed by a client. This involved detailed qualitative in-depth discussions with decision makers and partners/ agents.
  • Concept test for a new device form factor: A qualitative in-depth study with businesses to ascertain the reaction of the business decision maker towards a new product concept. The study focused on understanding the concept and also the triggers and barriers towards adoption of the concept for the business.
  • Ecosystem enablement for MSMEs to adopt technology: This was an activity undertaken to validate a hypothesis that MSMEs and engineering students can mutually support each other and help uplift the overall adoption of technology amongst MSMEs while providing the students with vital hands-on practical expertise. The activity involved recruiting students from engineering colleges, training them on various technologies and then motivating them to work with MSMEs in their catchment area to help them address their technology adoption. The students were encouraged to implement technology solutions that helped the businesses and were rated on their performance. The impact of the assessment was then evaluated through detailed discussions with the businesses.