TGI Contact & Re-contact

Target Group, Sample Size and Coverage: Drawn from the TGI study (options of complete sampling or partial sampling depending on the need).

TGI offers a plethora of information ranging from consumer profiling, category understanding, market prioritisation, etc. But what if you want to compliment this rich data with specific queries for a potential target group? What if you want to understand the specifics behind why a brand is performing the way it is?

To address such issues and offer the benefits of having a cost effective yet comprehensive solution, we have the added advantage of the option of Co & Recontact.

Co-contact: TGI fieldwork happens twice a year, once in February-April and next in August-October. During these field work we can carry questionnaire which are specially crafted to address your marketing needs, this is Co-contact method as we are administering TGI and your questionnaire simultaneously. This data can be looked at in conjunction with the existing, in depth TGI data to give you a comprehensive understanding of the market.

Re-contact: We can also re-contact respondents from the previous round of fieldwork in case you would like to set a specific TG basis their responses in TGI and then reach out to them with your customised questionnaire. Here again TGI’s rich data can be looked into along with re-contact information areas.