Target group

SEC ABC Age group 15-55


14 states, 69 small towns, 345 villages

Sample size


STAR is an indispensable toolkit for account planner and media planning teams targeting the rural consumer. Rural India contributes 70% of India’s population, 56% of income, 64% of expenditure and 33% of savings. With money being no longer a differentiator, a host of other factors come into play in working with this segment.

Razor Sharp Segmentation: Identification of segments that are likely to be responsive through socio-economic, demographic and psychographic profiling.

Scientific Media Planning: Planning spends across vehicles on the basis of current and emerging touchpoints.

Clutter breaking development uncovering consumer hot buttons and understanding what STAR India is paying attention to

STAR data is presented using user friendly software to enable slicing and dicing of data at your convenience.