Target Group Index (TGI)

Target group

SEC ABC Individuals in the age band of 15-55 years.


All India Urban

Sample size

Around 40,000

TGI is a global network of single source market research surveys providing valuable and comparable consumer insights since 1969. It is frequently used in understanding the target markets and to aid marketing and advertising decisions.

In India it has been widely accepted by Media Houses, Media agencies, Account Planners, Advertisers for developing strategies, understanding consumers segments, for business development and sales, for category and competition analysis etc.

TGI provides in depth information on consumer demographics, category and brand consumption across 400 product categories and services and 3000 brands, psychographics, lifestyle and media consumption.

The study comes with an easy to use software to quarry data as well as the options of availing of select custom solutions and reports.

Launched in 2001 in India , this study is now conducted and released twice a year.