TGI Clickstream

Target group

SEC ABC Individuals who are active internet users in the age band of 15-55 years


All India Urban

Sample size

Around 9,000

Born out of the imperative need to decode the connected Consumer, TGI Clickstream sets new standards of targeting efficiency by linking the richness of the TGI data with real time online behaviour

The real time online behaviour is captured passively for a period of a month each during the two rounds of fieldwork of TGI through an app installed on the mobiles and computers.

TGI Clickstream, for the first time, would help marketers link the offline profile with their online behaviour, thereby helping in creating more effective online/offline campaigns.

This will help you to - plan and sell against more than 2200+ sites and sub-domains on a level playing field with other media, differentiate with greater clarity the value of audiences that online brands deliver, maximise inventory value and fine-tune campaigns by evaluating number of visits, time on site and page views, etc.

Launched in 2015, the study will be conducted and released twice every year along with TGI.