Brand Signatures & Packaging Research – Intuite

A tool to evaluate brand signatures – name, logo, packaging, POP
The technique defies the conventional approach of probing and moves from the unconscious to top mind as brand signatures are not rational messages. They are either liked or not. Intuite as a technique delivers multiple benefits of aesthetic appeal. Functionality (packaging) and branding across multiple levels:
*Impact in clutter
*Impact Vs Current
*Impact in Solus
The technique allows exploration into both the emotional and rational responses to the stimuus being researched to unearth the emotive and finctional prfile of the stimulus being tested.

  1. Emotional exploration would provide us with important insights in understanding consumers’ subliminal connect to the stimulus options

It would allow us to understand how the various graphic elements that connect with the 5 senses ,the message conveyed in totality and ascertain the emotive codes that the stimulus conveys

  1. Functional exploration module would address queries pertaining to how consumers perceive the new stimulus options vis-à-vis competition and the existing/current option/s