Communication&Concept Development & Testing- Spectrum 360

One of the significant areas of research is communication development, testing and optimization. PQR’s Spectrum 360 follows a rigorous systematic end to end research approach towards communication & big ideas development, testing & fine-tuning basis consumer response prior to the introduction of it into the marketplace. The approach includes all kinds of concepts, be it package design, POSM, advertisement, or any form of marketing communication designed to alter consumer attitudes toward existing products. Spectrum 360 ensures a holistic, co-creative & innovative process of communication development, whereby our clients today feel super engaged right from stage one of concept generation to co-creating & fine-tuning concept ideas along with consumers. Increasingly our clients feel more empowered on how to actually brainstorm & develop communication ideas through learning a host of diverging & converging techniques with in our workshop sessions.
Additionally, Spectrum 360 whilst offering a comprehensive communication development plan can also be used as flexibily by clients to collaboratively innovate & co-create ideas within consumer forums. Thereby allowing rich learnings on differential market segments of client’s interest.