Multi Country Market Sense

Market Sense is a more specialized process of conducting multi-country researches. The process is developed to bring forth the cultural similarities and dissimilarities across the markets under focus. Apart from in-depth understanding of each market, a cross market matrix is developed to understand:

  1. Market stages of Evolution and hence the clustering of markets on drivers of choice/ consumption
  2. Global drivers/ needs of the category and how markets map out on these
  3. Understanding the market specific and across market semiotic & semantic codes of the category or brand- to help in buidling glocal solutions

The specific International team of PQR brings its expertise behind the same. PQR Advantage with this process lies in four core aspects:

  1. Resident market specific learnings of more than 25 countries around the globe. This is rich socio-cultural understanding, the local brands, local customs, palate specific learnings and alignment with global trends
  2. The PQR view also offers an outsider and hence more helicopter view of what brings certain markets together - climate, taste palate, historical evolution etc.
  3. Local tie up with the markets- both for cultural understanding of the markets and for logistics of research
  4. Set of qualitative research tools which are validated/ used across markets.