Sensorial research – Sensex-old

Sensory Research, Sensex - is a discipline covering the whole arc from cultural palate mapping to product & brand development to innovation in sensory experiences. Applicability of Sensex has been in area of understanding core cultural palate and the evolving sensory needs of the consumers. In the product development journey, Sensex focuses upon evolving the key sensory equation of satisfaction and differentiation and hence helping in product evolution. Further the Sensex process is adapted to understand sensorial drivers in a category, possible innovation pathways, brand linkages and future scenarios of sensory evolution.
1. The key strength of the Sensex process lies in triangulation of cultural, sensory and contextual understanding. This ensures the product and innovation pipelines developed are more relevant.
2. The journey is very much in partnership with the Product Developers at client side, making the input more precise and output more usable
3. Cultural understanding of markets, their cuisines, historical shaping of palates is integral and leveraged across categories.
4. The future scenario (regulation, health demands, ageing population) and its impact on sensory needs has been instrumental area of learning and inputs towards clients’ pipeline development.
5. The Researchers at PQR involved in Sensex methodology have developed deep rooted sensory experience across categories. And we have a multi-country validated tool kit for evoking sensory experiences based on synaesthesia practices and metaphors.
6. We also specialize in sensory lexicon understanding which is used by our clients for both product & communication development, especially packaging semiotics which need to align strongly with sensory offer.
7. Finally the PQR advantage also lies in tying up sensorial learnings with secondary research on flavours & stimulation, quantitative product dynamics (where available) and experience of working closely with R&D teams across 20 plus sensory categories.