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Target Group Index (TGI), is a global single source database that is rich in terms of measuring Product consumption, Consumer habits, Lifestyle, Attitude, Beliefs & Values, and Media habits. It provides a unique, in-depth understanding of consumer attitude and behavior based on more than 800,000 personal interviews conducted annually across 70 countries

Started in Great Britain in 1969, it has evolved over the last 40 years consolidating itself as the global standard for single source surveys. It is an accepted currency for developing more efficient marketing strategies and advertising campaigns.

In India, TGI was launched in 2001 and has been widely accepted for developing strategies, understanding consumer segments, business development and sales, category and competition analysis etc. Conducted annually among SECABC consumers across 190 + towns in Urban India, the study covers 400 product categories and over 3500 brands across 17 sectors- ranging from foods they consume, toiletries and cosmetics they use, alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks, snacks, cars and two-wheelers, holidaying, information related to finance and investments, electric and electronic gadgets, etc.

TGI provides clients with extremely valuable information at their fingertips for all their marketing analysis and planning, whenever they need it. For example, it tell you
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  • How your customers think
  • What drives customer choice
  • What you need to know when launching a new product
  • Your ideal marketing partners
  • How your brand could enter a new territory

Clients can avail of TGI services in two ways
Some recent products
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  • Database subscription – Clients can subscribe to the full database or specific product sectors. The database is installed in easy to use software and training is provided on the software usage. The software allows an infinite range of analysis from simple market overviews to detailed analysis like segmentation
  • TGI Consult – TGI Consult goes beyond providing data. It offers custom made tailored reports and provides value added insights to address specific business and marketing issues of clients. To know more, please read TGI Consult in the Brochure below
  • Reader Graphics Newspaper
  • Reader Graphics Magazine
  • Category Report

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