Wallet Monitor - The Urban Indian Household’s Wallet Audit

On a particularly hot day, a lady walks out of a market with grocery supplies in the bag.

To her satisfaction, she has been well within budget. She decides to indulge, if only just: Magazines, cold drinks or a new phone cover for her teenage son? Or perhaps a new turban for her husband, or a can of paint for the walls in time for Vaisakhi? Or maybe a larger investment in their Recurring Deposit Account? However, an increase in cab fares means that she has lesser to spend. The current economic downturn further encourages her to be safe, and walk to her nearest bank branch.

As today’s urban working professionals will testify: Prices soar higher and faster than salaries. Which, in turn, affects spending habits of urban Indian households. These habits are already subject to various factors like seasons, regions, festivals, religions, moods and brand confidence.

So many permutations, such little time.
Until now.

IMRB International introduces Wallet Monitor—a thorough database and user-friendly software designed to track urban Indian household spending and consumption priorities.
As a strategic marketing tool, Wallet Monitor will provide a holistic understanding of these consumers, while enabling marketers to address interesting questions:
Wallet Monitor also provides valuable insights into share of expenditure over heads such as, but not limited to:
By covering expenditures over 125 categories, Wallet Monitor provides formidable data about Spending v/s Saving v/s Investment habits of households in a variety of economic situations.

  • What items do families choose to omit from their lists in tougher economic climates?
  • Will commuting, fuel and electricity usage be non-negotiable despite rising prices?
  • Do Gujarati families spend differently than equal-income Punjabi families? What factors are responsible for these habits?
  • Food
  • Personal Care
  • Household Items
  • Utilities

In short, Wallet Monitor is a complete software designed to tell you exactly what the lady, and many like her, chose to do on that sunny day.