​End-to-end research solutions for our BFSI clients

Data-Driven Customer Insights

  • Customer Needs and Expectations from the Category - Gauge and analyze customer needs and expectations from different product categories
  • Usage and Attitude - Measure and analyze consumer attitudes and usage behaviors for specific brands and categories.
  • Purchase Triggers and Barriers - Observe and review purchase triggers and barriers for both consumers and products
  • Understanding the Decision Making Process - Observe and comprehend the consumer’s decision making process
  • Understanding Customer Behavior - Analyze and review customer behavior patterns such as churn, stickiness, flirting with products and brands, etc.
  • Customer Connect Program - Develop and execute programs that focus on relationship development and communication connect with the customer

Segmentation Mapping and Measuring Customer Segments

A completely new approach to segmentation using an Kantar IMRB proprietary model that takes into account price awareness and motivation to define discriminating segments by their need states and consumer typologies.

Key Clients

  • Aditya Birla Financial Services
  • American Express
  • Axis Bank
  • Axis Mutual Fund

Understand the Customer Preferences
Trade Off in the consumer choice of product propositions

Understanding the Customer Price Preferences

Product Concept Testing

Mapping the Customer Experience

  • CRA (Customer Relationship Assessment Study)
  • CTA (Customer Transaction Assessment Studies)
  • LCA (Lapsed Customer Assessment Study)
  • Mystery Audits

Assessing and Monitoring the Brand Strength

  • Brand Perception - Measuring brand perception and satisfaction
  • Brand Track - Measuring brand health in a competitive context among intenders and users
  • Developing Brand Positioning Cues - Decoding brand perceptions, brand propositions, emotional connect and communication with the brand and logo
  • Communication evaluation - Concept, Adtest

Digital Research Solutions
On the web

  • Plan your presence / Visibility
  • Track ‘Share of Voice’ (SOV) over a time period
  • Understand consumers’ Path-to-Purchase
  • Track Behavioral Cues

On the Mobile platform

  • The role of ‘mobile’ in the value chain
  • Audience Analysis
  • Feature Comparisons between Competitors’ Apps

In Social Media

  • Measure ROI with end-to-end analytics software solutions
  • Connect with Influencers connected to your and competitors’ brands
  • Product and Service Attribute Feedback
  • Campaign Evaluation

Mapping the Channel Partners’ Perspective

  • Undertake diagnostic studies to understand the needs and expectations of Banking Partners
  • Bank Channel Satisfaction Study

Mapping the Internal Customer Experience - Employee Satisfaction Study