B2B & INDUSTRIAL offers a wide range of studies to choose from

Business Planning

Business Plans are prepared containing the volume and value of business the venture could target, roll-out in terms of year wise resources & ramp-up plan, customer segments and target profiles, business locations and marketing networks, promotional avenues and useful business partnerships.

Industry Overviews

Business overviews of the industry sectors aid corporates in their endeavour to understand new sectors and develop a business plan.

Business Opportunity Identification

Market attractiveness in terms of size, growth, and competition, and factors like profitability, regulatory environments, synergy with existing operation etc. are kept in mind while identifying new business opportunities. These studies are carried out in an iterative process, starting from a long list of ideas and then stage-by-stage pruning down basis additional information made available.

Prognostic Studies

Market forecasting is done through trend analysis as well as by prediction of the market drivers.

Marketing Strategy Formulation

Strategic studies are carried out either at the time of entering the market or when a substantial shift is planned in the marketing mix. The strategic alternatives are developed initially and then evaluated through a set of parameters to come out with the best alternative to go ahead with.

Corporate Image Measurement

The need to improve imagery and need to communicate with the stakeholders are established through these studies.

Macroeconomic Studies

These studies are carried out by industry associations and Government. Econometric modeling is used to project the future outlook.

Public Policy Studies

Government’s policy mechanisms also require studies to understand the situation at ground level.

Partner Identification

Partners for contract manufacturing, marketing products, providing technology, giving financial support, supplying raw materials etc. are identified through search and due diligence process.

Due Diligence

Prior to actual tie-ups, due diligence of the potential partner is carried out through analysis of the necessary documents and interviews with stakeholders.

Sourcing Strategy

These studies are carried out to establish the availability of raw materials and to develop a strategy for sourcing them competitively.