No one understands retail better than us, no one understands the shopper better than us.

When it comes to retail research, Kantar IMRB Retail lives right on the cutting edge.

Based on years of studying consumer behaviour in and around physical retail environments, watching the dynamics at retail stores, we at Kantar IMRB Retail have a unique understanding of elements in the retail environment that drive shopper behaviour. A retail store is a vital touch point in this new era where marketers vie with each other to grab shopper attention, engage with them and build long term relationships. It is thus critical for both retailers and marketers to understand the retail environment, how shoppers are evolving and measure effectiveness of their strategies. We at Kantar IMRB Retail have a unique understanding of what influences shopper decision making, based on years of studying behaviour in and around physical retail environments Retail research has to address multiple issues - both from the retailers and marketers viewpoints

Traditional research methodologies have depended heavily on in home research or ‘forced exposure tests’ in simulated environments supplemented with some in store work for many retail decisions; with the decision of doing quantitative or qualitative research largely determined by researcher vs. client beliefs, convenience, timelines and investments. However today we see a multitude of opportunities for doing research at the point of sale which has active shoppers who are at that critical juncture of deciding on ‘what’ they should buy while the store environment is constantly feeding them stimulus on ‘why’ they should buy.

At Kantar IMRB Retail, we offer unique suite of products and services that aid client decision making across different points of time, at various decision stage, that are currently used by clients across industries and sectors