We offer a unique suite of products and services that aid client decision-making across different points of time, at various decision stages.

The core services that we offer:


  • Where should my store be located?
  • Should it be a large, medium or small format store?
  • What kind of assortment mix, merchandise?
  • How do I reach out to the consumers of this catchment?

The Outcomes

  • Identify high potential locations
  • Decide on appropriate store sizes & layouts,
  • Plan catchment-appropriate merchandize & assortment mix

Develop communication for specific locations

The Method

A combination of geo demographic coding, consumer interviews in quantitative and qualitative forums and retail landscape mapping though extensive ‘walking the street’ exercises, retailer interviews and expert opinions in catchments of potential cities/towns .locations


Consumers in India today shop across many channels— traditional stores, markets, modern retail, the Internet, and even on the mobile.

Marketers and retailers need to provide dynamic, engaging experiences at whichever touch-point the shopper chooses to engage - to hold shopper attention and build long term relationships

ShopScan – Video Analytics software

High quality content analysis and coding of video feeds, through our specialized software

RFID Tracking & Hand-held Scanners

Non-intrusive shopper tracking through the store – route, time spent, hot/cold spots and shopper interactions in-store

Win@shelf - Shopper Decision Tree

Decode how shoppers ‘shop’ the category? Which attributes are important; which are tradeable? For invaluable inputs on Shopper Understanding, Category Management, Shelving & Merchandising and In-Store Activations

What we offer

Actionable insights across the P2P (Path to Purchase) based on an in-depth analysis of the shopping journey. Solutions range across:

  • Understanding Shopper Fundamentals - An understanding of the dynamics of shopping behaviour and shopper decision-making in Traditional and Modern Trade Environments
  • Category Management Insights - Inputs for category stocking, display, planograming, identifying triggers to increase shopper engagement
  • POSM Evaluation – Evaluating impact of activations on conversions and brand image (post-testing); Identifying the best locations and content (pre-testing) for activations
  • Store/Window DesignInputs for creating an effective window display; inputs for space planning, layout and merchandising in-store
  • “Behind the Counter” - Assessment of shop-floor/staff performance to enhance quality of interaction with shoppers

The Method

A multi-pronged approach using observational and interrogative, quantitative and qualitative methods with strong technological backing for efficient data collection and in depth insights


“Scores ”

An evaluation of store performance – for ensuring better deliveries at the consumer purchase point



An index for measuring the all-encompassing ‘Customer Experience’ - a holistic evaluation of customer experiences with the retailer, across touchpoints.

What we offer:

  • An overall experience index, that can also be tracked at regular intervals
  • The metrics
    • Did the experience meet their expectations?
    • How pleasurable was the interaction with the provider?
    • Would they have any/ many good things to say about the provider to their friends, family?

  • The diagnostics - experience at each touch point in the journey and delivery on the perceived brand promise - that could contribute to the overall happiness and likelihood of spreading favourable WOM among peer group and communities

The Outcomes:

  • Strengthen brand preference
  • Improve customer loyalty and create brand advocates
  • Increase revenues from existing & new customers and reduce costs by restricting churn

Retail Compliance Tracker

The Digital Shopper

Today’s consumer is more connected than ever before and empowered like never before!

She not only seeks information online but also proffers opinions; and aided and abetted by social media, she is always ‘ON”!

What we offer

A comprehensive decoding of the Digital Shopper Profile and her Digital P2P (Path to Purchase)