Intuite is a tool to evaluate brand signatures – name, logo, packaging, POP

The technique defies the conventional approach of probing and instead, attempts to unearth and decode consumer impulses, right from the subconscious to the conscious mind. This is because brand signatures are not rational messages, they are either liked or disliked. Intuite as a technique helps in improving aesthetic appeal in a number of ways – both in functionality (packaging) and branding across multiple levels:

  • Impact in clutter
  • Impact Vs Current
  • Impact in Solus

The technique allows for exploration into both the emotional and the rational responses to the stimulus being researched to map its emotive and functional profile.

Emotional exploration
This provides us with important insights into the consumers’ subliminal connect to the stimulus options.It allows us to understand how the various graphic elements connect with the five senses, the composite message that is delivered, as well as ascertain the emotive codes that the stimulus conveys

Functional exploration
This addresses queries pertaining to how consumers perceive the new stimulus options vis-à-vis the competition and the existing/current option(s)