An evaluation of store performances

CExp is an index for the holistic evaluation of the customer’s experiences with a retailer, across touchpoints. This index can be tracked at regular intervals and provides data on the following metrics:

  • Did the experience meet their expectations?
  • How pleasurable was the interaction with the provider?
  • Would they have positive things to say about the provider to their friends, family etc.?

Shopper Satisfaction and Commitment

  • Customer Relationship Assessment : For evaluating service delivery in terms of processes, merchandise, price perceptions, billing, hygiene, display, navigation, share of spends etc. as well as intention to visit again and Net Promoter Score
  • Mystery Audits : To assess process delivery and shop assistants’ sales pitch and ability to up-sell vis-a-vis preset standards as well as in the competitive context

CExp diagnostics measures the experience at each touch point in the journey and delivery on the perceived brand promise. Improvements made here could contribute to the overall happiness of the customer and increase the likelihood of favourable word-of-mouth among the customer’s peer groups.
Changes made on the basis CExp inputs can help strengthen brand preference, improve customer loyalty and create brand advocates, as well as increase revenues from existing and new customers while reducing costs by reducing churn.