Studying the science and art of shopping

Actionable insights at every step of P2P

With traditional stores, malls, markets, and e-commerce through mobile and internet platforms, modern consumers do their shopping across a variety of channels. In order to hold shopper attention and build long term relationships, marketers and retailers need to provide a dynamic and engaging shopper experience regardless of the touch-point at which the shopper chooses to engage

To that end, we offer actionable insights at every step along the P2P (Path to Purchase) based on an in-depth analysis of the shopping journey. These include

  • Shopper Fundamentals - An understanding of the dynamics of shopping behaviour and shopper decision-making in both traditional and modern trade environments
  • Category Management Insights - Inputs for category stocking, display, planograming, identifying triggers to increase shopper engagement
  • POSM Evaluation - Evaluating impact of activations on conversions and brand image (post-testing); Identifying the best locations and content (pre-testing) for activations
  • Store / Window Design - Inputs for creating an effective window display as well as in-store space planning, layout, and merchandising
  • “Behind the Counter” - An assessment of shop-floor/staff performance to enhance quality of interaction with shoppers

We use a multi-pronged approach using observational and interrogative, quantitative and qualitative methods with strong technological backing for efficient data collection and in depth insights. Our methods include:

ShopScan – Video Analytics software - High quality content analysis and coding of video feeds through our specialized software

RFID Tracking & Hand-held Scanners - Non-intrusive shopper tracking through the store on various parameters such as route, time spent, hot/cold spots, and in-store shopper interactions

Win@shelf - Shopper Decision Tree - Decoding how shoppers ‘shop’ the category. Which attributes are important? Which are tradeable? Provides invaluable inputs on shopper awareness, category management, shelving, merchandising and in-store activations