With more than 25 years of research expertise, Kantar IMRB has been the pioneer of IT research in India. Having initiated technology sector research in the late 1980s, we subsequently set up a specialized team to conduct IT and technology research in 1996.


Launched in 1996, ITOPS is an annual end-user study of the Indian IT market. It estimates the market size and demand for various IT products including desktops, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, servers, storage devices, software licenses, etc. The fact that it amasses market size, along with the usage, behavior and demographics of the user, sets this study apart from various other studies. The study is based on a large sample of end-users across consumers/ households, SMEs and enterprises, spanning urban and rural India. Therefore, it offers the following unique benefits

  • Detailed profile: Understanding purchase purposes as well as the user
  • Accurate estimation of the market: No overcounting or undercounting due to channel hold-ups. Also, includes an accurate estimate of import of products and assembled/unbranded products
  • Cross product linkage: Provides a detailed understanding of cross product linkage and the manner in which they are used for different purposes across geographies

In 2016, the ITOPS study has been significantly enhanced. In the household/ consumer space, it covers about 65,000 urban households across 88 cities and about 15,000 rural household across 20 Indian states. In case of the establishment segment, it covers about 10,000 business establishments across 35 cities in India. This is, by far, the largest technology syndicate in the country.


Conducting research with CIOs and IT Heads is always a challenging proposition. But, not for Kantar IMRB. Since the time of its inception, the Technology division of Kantar IMRB has developed a considerable level of expertise in conducting such research. In order to further strengthen this and provide clients with opportunities to explore the potential offered by Kantar IMRB in this space, we’ve set up a panel of C-Level IT decision makers from various large organizations. Currently, this panel has about 300 CIOs and IT Heads from 500+ employee organizations and is constantly refreshed and expanded. It covers Indian companies, as well as multinational companies with offices in India, across manufacturing, BFSI, IT/ ITES and other allied services.

The panel is managed by a panel management team based in Bengaluru, India. The team is responsible for maintaining a relationship with the panel, executing studies and also refreshing the panel.

It is used in the following manner:

  • Customized studies commissioned by the clients are managed on the panel. This helps clients get a faster turnaround on such studies and also offers a higher quality of deliverables
  • Regular tracking studies for clients on confirming an annual subscription to the panel. This is helpful for clients who look for a source to undertake quick tests of hypotheses or run quick surveys on a regular basis. Since the frequency of the usage is finalized, the turnaround is usually much faster than that for a customized study on the panel.
  • Syndicated reports: In addition to the above, the panel is also used for executing syndicated studies. In the past, Kantar IMRB has conducted several syndicated studies on the panel which have then been subscribed to by the client. Some of the studies conducted in the panel include:
    • Triggers and barriers to cloud adoption amongst large businesses in India
    • Concerns around data security and the way forward
    • IT outlook for businesses and investments
    • Media consumption behaviour of large business decision makers

Tech Start up Panel

Technology start-up companies are creating a buzz in the Indian market place with disruptive ideas, innovative delivery models and exciting business prospects. Whether it is the young entrepreneurs or the experienced ones, the promoters of these companies bring in a youthful exuberance that is extremely infectious, not only for employees, but also for the larger ecosystem. Kantar IMRB Technology has created a panel of these technology startup promoters. This panel brings together these entrepreneurs of the next generation of Indian businesses and provides a view of their thinking process, their challenges and the opportunities that they see for themselves. There are about 1000 start-up entrepreneurs in our panel who participate in research studies, share their views and also offer industry level opinions on various issues facing the Indian industry.

SMB Panel

Kantar IMRB Technology also has a panel of about 7000 SMBs from varied verticals. This panel is used to conduct telephonic and online surveys on issues relevant to SMBs. The panel has a mix of proprietors and other key decision makers and are spread across the country

Retail Impact Assessment

The growth of the IT hardware industry, especially products like smartphones, has resulted in a significant proliferation of the retail businesses in India. With the emergence of online shopping as a significant segment and the strengthening of the large format retail stores, consumers are spoilt for choices. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly challenging for product marketers and OEMs to justify their retail spends across categories. Price is becoming one of the key triggers to purchase a brand and also to select the choice of outlet for purchase. In such a case, is the relevance of merchandising, in-store communication, product placement and the role of the retail salesperson reducing? As OEMs make significant investments in these areas currently, an understanding of the impact each of these make, by store type, is an important understanding that will help OEMs decide on their investments at the retail front. The Retail Impact assessment is a framework that provides client with a detailed understanding of the various impact metrics and, thus, provide the strategy that can be adopted for each store type

The framework captures the details of the various merchandise, product placement and training levels of retail salespersons across each of the empaneled stores and then deciphers the impact of the same on the potential buyer.

This can be used for various technology products like PCs, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, feature phones, packaged softwares, etc.

For details on the framework and execution, please contact Kantar IMRB eTech.

Account profiling study

As part of the pre-sales activity, many clients wish to understand the business setup of their prospective clients as well as their technology adoption. However, organizations usually need to spend significantly more time in getting this information which, at times, may not result in a pitch opportunity. In addition, the ability of the client pre-sales team to gather such information may also be limited or biased by dissimilar access to different information sources.

Kantar IMRB offers account mapping as a framework to its clients where Kantar IMRB can gather the necessary information relating to such an organization and share it with the client. The activity is conducted as a combination of desk research and primary research. The desk research, undertaken using various databases, provides information on the organization, its financial details and its standing against its peer set. The primary interview focuses on gathering the specific technology adoption parameters that are relevant to the client. The data collection will be customized to the client requirement. However, prior permission will be sought from the respondent to share their details with the client before initiating the interview process.