Kantar IMRB’s Digital specializes in research on the web and social media. Using the latest algorithms to understand the digital consumer, Digital can provide critical insights into the online user’s demographics, behaviour and attitudes

Ear2Ground (Social Media Analysis)

Ear2Ground is Kantar IMRB Digital’s social media listening tool. It enables businesses to monitor billions of conversations happening on Social networks. It helps gather insights of conversational themes online and helps strategize digital media decisions. It measures in depth metrics for campaigns, brands and products in real time. It uses an award winning Natural Language Processing (NLP) Algorithm for decoding conversations and Hinglish (Hindi + English) Language. Helps Identify and analyze conversations about brand, products and competitors (Measuring Brand reputation and buzz metrics). It also includes custom built FB and twitter apps to listen social media conversations with particular TGs.

Xcess Panel

Xcess is Kantar IMRB’s proprietary panel of internet and mobile users. Xcess has the capability of targeting specific users on mobile as well as desktop / laptop platforms. The advantage of Xcess is apparent with the capabilities of being able to advance-target on the basis of Internet Usage behavior. Xcess consists of more than 240,000 respondents representing from all over India across all demographics. Surveys conducted on Xcess can be executed through Kantar IMRB’s in-house team for survey programming. Cutting edge survey designs including flash programming, gamification, animatics and multimedia. In addition to the advantages of conducting online surveys that save time and costs, Xcess derives unique value with its ability to target on the basis of online behavior based recruitment (For e.g. People who engage in Information Search of mobile phones on Search Engines and purchase products from Online Shopping Portals)

Consumer navigational trends understanding: PathTrack (Navigation Path Analysis)

Irrespective of where consumers are in the decision making process while making a purchase, brands need to pinpoint accurately the most influential touchpoints on and offline to ensure that they maximize their presence and impact across various media. Kantar IMRB Digital’s path-to-purchase capabilities help organizations understand their target audience’s specific navigational capabilities.

Campaign Planning Analysis

When planning a media campaign it is important to understand the strengths of every channel, how audience responds to them and how all the channels can work together towards the campaign objectives. With the help of our advance media planning and analytics tools, planners can quickly build the best possible plans and assess the impact on the campaign goals amongst a varied group of demographics.