​Kantar IMRB offers a range of products and services for media organizations.

What We Do

  • Content Testing Involves testing of TV/Radio content to help the client optimize his media library for the best possible returns. In television, the content testing service allows the client to receive audience feedback on content before its launch, with suggestions for improvements/changes that are necessary in order to maximize impact. In radio, the service takes the form of Auditorium Music Tests, which analyze the client’s music library and based on audience feedback, provide a priority list for the broadcast of musical content.
  • Print Navigational Studies For understanding the consumption pattern of a publication - both sectionwise and pagewise - and also to compute the noticeability of advertisements in different sections of a publication.
  • Outdoor Media Research For gathering research on site selection, visibility studies, on-shop signage evaluation, traffic counts, monitoring of outdoor media, transport media monitoring, travel logs, in-store monitoring, and activation measurement. We possess an innovative model that analyses the reach and frequency for all types of outdoor media and also a model to check the efficacy of outdoor activations.
  • Audience Profiling For assisting sales teams of niche channels/radio stations.
  • Media Effectiveness Tracking For understanding the effectiveness of various media spends on factors such as awareness, liking, intention to watch post promotion etc. Clients receive inputs which assist them in developing a better/more optimal media mix when marketing a new show/movie.
  • Brand studies For assessing the brand equity of the channel/station/publication among its consumers and provide strategic inputs that inform brand extension/acquisition decisions.
  • Product/Content Development Our advisory services in product/content development assist clients in making desirable changes, plugging competitive need gaps, as well as standing out in a cluttered and hypercompetitive market.
  • Continuous Tracking Programme For assessing the changes in consumer expectations with respect to content and tracking brand health vis-à-vis competition.
  • Post Launch Feedback In order to obtain immediate reactions to a new product in terms of content, positioning, as well as response to promotional activities.
  • Environmental Scans These are employed to understand the current lay of the land and define opportunities for the brand by providing clear insights on both content and positioning.

Our Unique Capabilities:

In addition to the above products and services, we have developed innovative research services/methodologies such as:

  • Media Multiplier For assessing the multiplier effect of advertising across various media.
  • Print/Viewing Passion With this service, we go beyond the usual readership/viewership numbers and assess the passion with which a consumer associates himself/herself with a publication/channel.
  • Data Fusion Involves the integration of two or more databases to create a quasi-single source database for better targeting of consumers.

The content testing model for television programming and the Data Fusion methodology developed by Kantar IMRB can be adapted for use in other countries, especially in the subcontinent.